Wednesday, April 23, 2014

School With-in a School / Study Skills
Course Description:                                                                                             
Study Skills provides the student the opportunity to receive help with their regular course work, life and school skills by:
1 – Providing one class period each, regular school, day in which the student can work with the teacher (or par-professional) on assignments given by teachers in their other classes.  This assistance will help the student keep up and catch up on their class work.
2 – Providing life skills such as organization, note taking, social skills, problem and time management skills and will help them to be successful as students and better prepared for life.
3 – Providing tracking information for parents, teachers and administration to review on a daily basis so we can be better informed of your students education status and intervene when necessary. 
Major Goals:
·         Set some important goals for the future and exercise positive thinking.
·         Develop organization and self-starter skills.
·         Develop problem and time management skills.
·         Better understand social norms.
·         Become more responsible for personal behavior.

Materials Needed:
*      Pencil and folder.     (Note: Pencils are the preferred writing tool in my room)

*      Planner calendar will be provided by the school to be used daily.

*      Books and assignments from other classes.

*      Notes from other classes.
Class Expectations

Ø  Each day, the student is responsible for getting to class on time.

Ø  Come prepared with pencil and paper.

Ø  Quietly remaining on task without disrupting other students.

Ø  Completing and returning a tracker signed by the parents or guardian each day.

Ø  Comply with all class and school rules at all times. (Self Management)

Ø  Maintain a daily calendar or planner.  (Smart phones can be used for this process if the appropriate application is installed on the phone).

Ø  BE HAPPY!  Ask first and comply with the reply.

Ø  Treat classmates and teacher with respect.
Tardy and hall privileges:
v  Students will be considered Tardy if not in the room when the tardy bell rings.  Points will be deducted from their participation score for each tardy.  Hall passes are as needed. 
Grading Schedule:
93 – 100         A                     90 – 92           A-                   
87 – 89           B+                   83 – 86           B                     80 – 82           B-
77 – 79           C+                   73 – 76           C                     70 – 72           C-
67 – 69           D+                   63 – 66           D                     60 – 62           D-
less than 59  F

Teacher Contact information.
Teacher:        Mr. Kip Heiner
Phone:           435-257-2540
Email:     (Note: put “Box Elder” in the subject line to clear filters)
Available:      Daily from 7:20am – 7:50am, 2:50pm - 3:15pm

Parent responsibilities:  
§  Review and sign the daily tracker and assist your student in returning the tracker to the school each day. 
§  Assist your student with any homework and assignments. 
§  Contact Mr. Heiner teacher with any concerns. (See contact info above).
§  Be available for calls, emails and /or text messages from Mr. Heiner to discuss needs, concerns, and celebrations.

Signing this paper constitutes a contract between you (the parent or guardian), your student and Mr. Heiner.  The student will be expected to comply with the information on this contract.

Together, we can make this a great year of learning.

------------- Cut along this line and return the below portion to school with your student the following day!   -----------------

Student Signature: _________________________     Date: _________________________

Parent:  (print name) _________________________  Sign:  _________________________

Please provide the best form(s) of contact and availability:

Email: ___________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________      Text: Yes / No   Cell Provider: _________________

Best days and times to be contacted: ___________________________________________


Students are required to do a daily TRACKER and planner.